Malaria - ไข้มาลาเรีย (ไข้ป่า)  


New type of malaria transmitted from monkey to human called Plasmodium Knowlesi

The danger of new type of malaria; the virus can spread out quickly in bloodstream in 24 hors if the virus have large amount it will clogged up the blood vessel to the liver and kidney and cause it failure.

The research theme of Sarawak university of Malaysia have found the new type of malaria called Plasmodium Knowlesi the virus is parasite transmitted from monkey to human by way of the same type of mosquitoes that carry common malaria.

The research theme of Malaysia study from 150 patients infected in the year 2006 – 2008, the virus can spread out in the bloodstream quickly within 24 hours and 2 of 3 patients that did not seek help in early stage has end up with kidney failure and died.

Plasmodium Knowlesi was found in monkey before the report of founding in human in Malaysia, 266 cases out of 960 malaria patients reported 2001 – 2006, a few have been reported in Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand

The Health Ministry said there is such case 10 years ago in Prachuab Khirikhan, this year the health department found 2 cases no death and there’s no report of wide spread of the disease.

The new type of malaria can be treated with current available drug, the important thing is to see a doctor immediately if you have been visiting forest and have symptom of headache, high fever and shivering cold.

There 4 type of malaria commonly found in Thailand they are:

Plasmodium falciparum; the virus spread out in bloodstream in 48 hours, 70% of this type of malaria found in Thai – Burmese border area and 50% in Thai – Cambodian border.

Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium malaria - E and Plasmodium ovale; the virus spread out in bloodstream in 48 – 72 hours