Dengue - โรคไข้เลือดออก  


To prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs and increase mosquitoes in your house; change water in bird’s cage, in flowers vase, water cups under food saver cabinet and all other standing water every 7 days.

Dengue fever can happened to anyone at any ages, if you or anyone has high fever do not take aspirin or any anti-biotic it could cause breeding and liver failure, 99% of dengue fever can be cured.

Dengue fever symptoms more like flu symptoms but may be blood breeding spot on the skin anyone has the symptom should see doctor immediately.

The Health Department researcher had found the black & white mosquitoes that carry dengue like to bites person with perspirations a lot and person who don’t take shower too often enough, the B & W mosquitoes like to bites children more than adult, like to bites women more than men and like to bites people wearing dark color clothes such as black of dark blue than light color clothes such as white.

The Health Dept. said the eggs from B & W mosquitoes now can withstand droughts up to a year and when received water it can incubate in just 20 – 60 minutes, the average female mosquitoes lays 100 eggs.

The Health Department warn of new type of mosquitoes bites people day or night, normal mosquitoes bites people at night or in the dark area and mosquitoes with black & white body that carry dengue disease bites people in daylight, but now the black & white mosquitoes stay up late till 11 p.m.