National Health Report 2013


National Health Department; Jan. 12, 2012

Sexual diseases appears increase among young people in Lampang, there are 10,0707 Aids patients (perhaps from last year) 5,918 died, the deparment monitor the disease found the desease may be appears spreading once again, the department found increases sexual infection disease among ages 15-24 year old which shown the condom usage is in declines and that will lead to increase in infectious Aids disease

Naional Health Department report; 2006 - 2009

The study of children, teens and young adults by the organization of children, youth and elderly protection and security found;

nearly 800,000 of children age 5 - 18 have mentality problems

32.4% of teens to young adults age less than 25 year old seen having sexual intercourse before married was normal including one night stand and swinging, the UN AIDS study found only half of those sexual activity used condom.

currently there are 20,000 new AIDS patients a year and the young in the school and college are the part of increase, the study finding from screening the blood donor found 5 of 1,000 donor content AIDS virus children and young adults are in the finding